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Why Are My Brakes Shaking/Squeaking?

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Your vehicle’s braking system is one of the most important things keeping you safe on the roads of Weymouth. Because of their constant use, brake components often see wear and tear sooner than most other parts of your vehicle, and therefore need the attention of a mechanic on a regular basis. Brake issues could be caused by a number of components including brake rotors, brake pads, or even suspension issues. If you find yourself asking, “Why are my brakes shaking/squeaking,” then read on to discover some of the causes behind these symptoms. Contact our service center if you have any questions. 

Brake Rotors Could Be Warped

Brake rotors work in partnership with the brake pads to slow the rotation of your wheels. Damaged or warped brake rotors are often a cause of shaking or squeaking when braking. With time and use, the heat that rotors endure can eventually cause them to warp. If you have warped brake rotors, you’ll likely be experiencing a quivering/warbling sensation in your brake pedal. This could directly affect your safety on the roads of Quincy. Luckily, the service experts at Ocean Honda of Weymouth have all the tools, parts, and equipment to replace/repair your rotors if need be!

Brake Pads Could Have Worn Down

Similar to your rotors, the brake pads wear down with use. The pads are made of a high-friction material, made to rub against the rotor to slow the rotation of the wheel. Even this high-friction material wears down eventually, though. Once worn, brake pads can become damaged or warped and cause a squeaking sound along with vibrations that can be felt through the brake pedal. Brake pads are typically a fairly easy replacement.

Possible Suspension and Alignment Problems 

One final issue that can cause squeaking or shaking in brakes is a problem with your alignment or suspension components. Over time, the components that make up your suspension can wear down. These parts, including ball joints, wheel bearings, and tie-rods, can negatively affect ride quality, but also pose a danger when braking into a corner.

Get Fast Brake Service Today With Ocean Honda of Weymouth

Is your vehicle shaking/squeaking when braking? It makes sense, then, that you’d be asking yourself, “Why are my brakes shaking/squeaking?” Since there are multiple reasons your brakes could be having these problems, it’s often a secure idea to take your vehicle to the service experts at Ocean Honda of Weymouth for professional brake work. Ready to schedule a brake repair appointment? You can save time in-store by setting an appointment online! Also, feel free to browse our service specials before stopping by to combine your appointment with other great savings opportunities!


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